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How can I benefit from LBA?

LBA provides various direct advantages that can help grow your individual brand as an influencer | concierge or your organization's brand awareness.

VIP | Premium Experiential Marketing

We know how to create lasting experiences that will leave your guests in WOW and amazed! We provide exclusive experiential marketing services within the luxury industry. Let us help plan your campaign from start to finish maximizing ROI and creating unique measurable outcomes.

Online | Influencer Marketing

Online Directories, social media, paid advertising, access to our exclusive network and spokesmodel | influencer | concierge advocates. We have created a proprietary method of enhancing your organization through warm referral-like interactions with your brand.

Certifications | Consulting

Become the thought leader within your organization or industry. Elevate your customer service | client relations value and tool-set. Gain master certifications so you can assume leadership roles amongst your market stakeholders offering direct insight, resources, network connections, and enhanced reputation in order to boost excitement and passion within your space.
My Lifestyle App iOS app, and Android app are coming soon!
We are working on the Android and IOS app, you will see it soon ;). The future of experiential | influencer marketing.


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Fairway Food Festival 2018
Aug 10

Fairway Food Festival 2018

  • Wednesday 5:06 am
Barcelona Dúo de Guitarra; Carmen
Aug 10
San Francisco Coffee Festival
Aug 10

San Francisco Coffee Festival

  • Wednesday 5:06 am

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