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The Future is Here.  2020 Has Arrived!  We’ve all had dreams of what it would be like entering the future with endless possibilities!  

In light of this we are unveiling our Signature Lifestyle Rewards Campaign to: a) help those that are unfortunate experience the future with the same advantages and b) celebrate the arrival of 2020 and allow anyone and everyone to take part while providing some awesome exposure for brands that want to ride the wave.


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What is Lifestyle Brokers Association?

We are a millennial lifestyle digital advertising | event marketing group that convenes influencers & thought leaders to create a better class of VIP global ambassadors to unleash on unique and exclusive brands in the affluent retail and tourism industries. 

Additionally, we are passionate about cultivating more passionate brand ambassadors and influencers helping create the lifestyle that we all dreamed the future would hold and helping more brands connect with these passionate brand advocates in more meaningful profitable ways.


We represent the future of integrated marketing as we combine some of the most powerful futuristic and traditional strategies including experiential marketing, influencer marketing, live event marketing, mobile advertising, modern SEO and social media, video marketing and more.  We seek to be the most impactful globally recognized Influencer | VIP Rewards Access Network. 

Access to our network and rewards is invite only. Now we are preparing for our beta launch and we are opening up to our beta test group for a few small segment of thought leaders | influencers and a limited number of brands that want to be positioned as forward-thinking authorities within select industries.  Register today and build your profile to find out how you can be accepted into our beta group.

Arrive Into The Future | Enabling Passion
Your Gateway Into The Future. We develop the highest tier talent pool of industry specific premium brand ambassadors and exclusive spokesmodels enabling more individuals to become thought leaders and influencers within their passions.